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Empower people in developing countries to improve their lives.

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Donate to a project of your choice

With your donation we can apply for further funds from public donors and convince them of our projects. In this way, one donated Euro becomes 4€, which flow into the project. Your donation will be quadrupled!

Donations instead of presents

A birthday, a passed exam or a round anniversary are some of many occasions to support your project. We’ll be happy to help you plan!

Help for committed women worldwide

Be part of the RDS education initiative and help us with 15€/month to give women worldwide access to a qualified education.

Get involved

Get involved and make your professional experience, your qualities, your time available via online tools for people in developing countries.

Leave a mark

Your bequest or legacy to RDS secures our work and leaves a mark on the lives of many families in need.

Partner with us

We create partnerships with companies that together with us ensure that women and girls have the chance to fulfil their potential.

Other Ideas?

Contact us and let’s talk about them!

Your donation
makes a difference!

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The name “Rhein-Donau-Stiftung e.V.” refers both to the origin of the association with its two founding regions of Bavaria and the Rhineland and to its mission. For rivers have always been places of prosperity and culture. We support our partners in our project countries materially and ideally, so that they can develop a rich cultural and economic activity in their homeland.

Since its foundation, the association has had its own endowment capital. The interest generated from this is used to finance the association’s administrative costs.

The logo of the RDS takes up both rivers, the Rhine in green and the Danube in blue. The dots denote the fruits arising from the activities of RDS for the benefit of the people in our project countries.

The Rhein-Donau-Stiftung e.V. has been a bearer of the DZI donation seal since 2007. The DZI (German Central Institute for Social Issues) donation seal certifies that the Rhein-Donau-Stiftung e.V. uses donations economically and in accordance with its statutes and is a sign of carefully examined seriousness and worthiness of donations.
In addition, the association is committed to the standards of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative and the VENRO Code of Conduct. The Rhein-Donau-Stiftung e.V. is a member of the Association of German Development Non-Governmental Organizations (VENRO). (VENRO).