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About Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa, bordered to the south by Lake Victoria, the third largest lake in the world. Uganda’s population has one of the youngest age structures in the world: about 47% of the nearly 42 million people are under 15 years old. Around 60 peoples live together in Uganda, each with their own languages, cultures and customs.

Our Work

Our partners in Uganda work together with RDS to provide quality education for young people and especially for women. In addition to school education, the focus is on practical vocational training and entrepreneurship programmes. With on-the-ground support, young people are helped to train, find dignified work and thereby increase their income.

Major Challenges

Uganda’s history has been marked by political conflicts, environmental problems and a nationwide AIDS epidemic. This prevented progress and growth for many years. Through democratic elections, Uganda has achieved political stability since the beginning of the 21st century, overcoming the AIDS crisis and becoming one of the fastest growing economies in Africa today. However, many problems such as extreme poverty, few educational opportunities and rudimentary access to health care for a large part of the population are still present today.
Discover our projects in Uganda

Promotion of social entrepreneurship in Uganda
Local partner:
Social Innovation Academy (SINA)

Beneficiaries: 500
Duration: 2023-2025
Volume/Needed: 132,275 € (10,000 € needed)
Income-boosting measures in agriculture to increase the resilience of HIV/AIDS-affected households
Local partner:

Beneficiaries: 30
Duration: 2023
Volume/Needed: 5.000 €
Improving access to the labour market for young people from Kampala
Local partner:

Beneficiaries: 320
Duration: 2022-2024
Volume/Needed: fully funded

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